Our Favorite Brands For Printed Yoga Pants

a woman stretching in a field of grass

Printed yoga pants have steadily become more and more popular throughout the years. And why shouldn’t they? They’re cute, comfortable, and extremely versatile. With how popular patterned yoga pants have become, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best brands, ones that will provide you with quality yoga pants, as well as cute styles. Luckily for you, we’ve listed some of our favorite brands below, and have even chosen some of their cutest prints to showcase just how stylish they are. So, in no particular order, here are our eight favorite brands for printed yoga pants.

Botanical Bloom Leggings


Founded in Germany, Panaprium has quickly become a globally-known company, due to their dedication to ethical and fair practices. If you like knowing how your clothes are produced and whether the people who make them earn fair wages, you’ll be happy to know that Panaprium only works with the best quality vegan materials, and keeps track of every step of the designing and creation process. What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means that everyone from the seamstresses to the pattern designers is treated fairly.

Now that you know how much Panaprium cares about the quality of its products, take a look at the link above. The pattern we’ve chosen to show you is one of many gorgeous designs. This pattern uses earthy colors, combined with a vibrant purple, to perfectly portray a botanical bloom, reminiscent of a beautiful bloom in nature.

Moroccan Mosaic Tile Leggings


Yizzam is a brand known for its printed materials, whether it’s yoga pants or t-shirts. But you’re here to learn about printed yoga pants, so you’ll be happy to know that Yizzam uses only the finest quality materials, meant for creating comfortable workout pants. As a Miami based brand, they’re proud to say that their products are all American made, but that they love being able to serve customers all over the world.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Morocco, or perhaps even some places in the Middle East, you’ve seen their vividly colored mosaics. Rich blues, deep reds and oranges, yellows the color of leaves in the fall, all strategically placed in a dazzling display that makes you want to stare at the beauty of it. Now picture that on yoga pants, and the result will look like the yoga pants we’ve linked above for you to look at.

Elephant printed yoga pants


If you’re the type of person who likes to know everything there is to know about the clothing you choose to buy, GearBunch is the brand for you. They’re very honest about their design and creation process, and make choosing a product easy by listing very specific information about each piece of clothing. They list qualities such as “UV protected activewear”, “softest yoga pants you’ll ever wear”, and “squat proof”. Which, to be honest, are all qualities we really want in a pair of yoga pants.

As for the ones we’ve chosen to show you, they have all the qualities mentioned above, and more. Plus, they have inner pockets! In addition to the long list of features they have, they’re also extremely eye-catching. These printed yoga pants use a variety of colors to create the outline of an elephant on each thigh. The way the colors are used to create this pattern makes the elephant stand out, while also blending with the surrounding pattern. For all those elephant lovers out there, these are the yoga pants for you. 



Glyder Apparel has a great mission; to help women support other women. Not only do they provide you with yoga pants that are stylish and high quality, they also give back. For every online sale they make, they contribute 3% of the profits to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Women who want to support their fellow women will find that Glyder Apparel is an amazingly giving brand.

Now, there’s a reason the printed yoga pants we’ve chosen to show you are called the High Power Leggings in Blue Royal Tide; they look like they’re made for royalty. As far as prints go, these are the simplest you’ll find on this list but the color and design will make you stand out as being sophisticated and high class. 

tie dye leggings


If you can’t guess from the name, Soul-Flower is a brand that prides itself on “hippie clothes”. They’re proud to say that their clothes are made from all natural materials and are meant for “kind souls and free spirits”. They have a very long list of features that demonstrate just how ethically created their patterned yoga pants are. On top of being of extremely high quality, the yoga pants are also fashionable in a subtle way. If you identify as a hippie, kind soul, or free spirit, Soul-Flower is the perfect brand for you.

Floral Night High Waist Legging


North Halsey said it best themselves, that they “take pride on offering you the perfect place to get great fashionable active-wear at affordable prices”. High quality materials, trendy designs, and affordable prices are the features North Halsey aims to give to each of their customers. Founded by a family of retired athletes, they truly know what exactly you want out of your yoga pants, so they’re committed to creating yoga pants you will actually want to wear.

The floral night leggings we’ve chosen for you to take a peek at are reminiscent of a blue floral design with a dark background. The design is simple and soothing to the eye, while still being stylish. They’re made to be extremely comfortable, due to the fabric used, their 4 way stretch, and raised waistline. Cute and comfy? Count us in.


Did someone say free shipping?! There is not a person alive (probably) who doesn’t appreciate free shipping, and Nazamida makes sure you have “free shipping always”. The company is also committed to making the most comfortable patterned yoga pants, with a four way stretch, meaning you’ll never feel confined.

If you click on the link, you’ll see that the pattern we’ve chosen blends the traditional Indian mandala style with soothing yet vibrant shades of blue. If you like to celebrate the culture that brought us yoga, showing your love of mandalas with these yoga pants is a simple way to do so. Or, if you simply like looking extremely stylish while you work out, these’ll do the the trick.

tropical floral patterned leggings


What makes Zkaka really interesting is that it was a brand meant for dancers, originally. All of their designs were created with dancers in mind, but their patterned yoga pants can be used for any type of workout. Zkaka is also an extremely affordable brand when it comes to printed yoga pants. But just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean their quality is lesser. Their moisture-wicking fabrics guarantee you’ll be comfortable after even the hardest workout.

The pattern we’ve chosen to show you brings a pop of nature to your workout. Leaf patterns are in right now, and these printed yoga pants used this style in a design that’ll truly make your workout outfit stand out.

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