Meditation for beginners – What is Meditation?

someone sitting on a rock in the ocean

Meditation can be made interesting if you understand it from various points of view. Meditation is the art of understanding the mind and its qualities. It is an exercise for the brain to channel your positive energy and emotions towards productive activities. It can be beneficial for both professional, and personal lives. It is the regulator of our mind, and fine tunes our each and every action. When we say “regulating”, this could indicate that it is controlling or suppressing our mind, but it is the other way round.

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Practicing meditation for beginners requires a good understanding of the techniques, as well as the outcome. To keep the same direction throughout your meditative practice, it is essential that you study literature and guides about meditation, or take meditation classes. Throughout everyday life, there are numerous situations where our mental response manifests itself without us being aware of it. In general, awareness is lacking while we respond to most situations in our everyday life.  


Meditation techniques for beginners 

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Learning about how to practice meditation is possible with the help of a well-tailored online meditation course. Learning how to meditate is not very challenging when you compare it with many of your other activities in life. Practicing meditation requires some patience and perseverance. It needs to come naturally and without lots of effort. There are quite a lot of well guided online meditation courses available on the web to help you practice meditation. Meditation can initially be practiced by sitting in solitude or in a calm and quite place. The best places are usually a calm place, such as a river bank, woods, or beaches are some good examples. A minimum requirement to start meditating is a silent place. Generally, an online meditation course will have all the tips needed to start practicing meditation.

just breath

 You can start in one of two ways – by gazing at a picture of nature, or any object that can subside your thoughts. Some people use pictures of Gods and Goddesses. The most recommended way to practice meditation is to observe your breathing process with your eyes closed. The reason is that breathing is the only process that happens in our body with or without our conscious effort. Yogic philosophy advises us to focus on breathing to become concentrated without too much stress and effort. Just experience the inhalation and exhalation of each breath.


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In the case of learning how to meditate, it is known that thoughts will increase initially, and subside gradually. You will eventually reach a point where there is only calmness in the mind after the thoughts subside. You might observe in some situations that your mind tends to wander across various memories and experiences from the past. In the case of learning how to meditate, this is common.

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After some time, you will become aware that your mind has already left somewhere from the focal point, and you can try to bring it back and start observing your breath again. This may be repeated for quite some time in the initial stages. Your mind can be trained to focus on anything you wish with regular meditation practice. A good online meditation course elaborates on all of these aspects. If your practice is continuous, punctual, and regular, then you will certainly start experiencing higher realms of mind. This can naturally help you in your personal and professional life. 


Healing through meditation

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When you experience the calmness that can be reached with regular meditation, then it becomes healing meditation. Healing Meditation helps you to overcome emotional traumas. Meditation can even heal the illnesses of your body. The most common cause of all the physical illnesses is mental stress and emotional issues. Healing meditation helps to calm down the entire nervous system, thus channelizing the energy towards positivity. You can become more productive due to the clarity of mind you get through healing meditation. Meditation is an excellent technique to deactivate and quiet the stressed parts of your brain. It also nourishes the whole body by putting the nervous system back on track.



Meditating for the spirit

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When you practice meditation without any intention in mind, it can be called spiritual meditation. Practicing spiritual meditation can bring you enormous benefits by increasing your understanding of yourself and your life. It improves your intuitiveness and the ability to make key decisions. It may not be needed to ask others about anything. Spiritual meditation explores more than what you see in your life. You will start experiencing an interconnection with others, as well as increased happiness and joy in your life. You also may develop a compassionate attitude in all the work you do and learn how to better manage fear and anxiety.


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